My fancy stories

The country of my dreams

My dream country is the Sky where would be possible to fly with clouds and the city of my dreams is the Rainbow where all the habitants would play with rainbow colours and slide on it.It is actually seems to be a playground but I call it ‘’ city playground’’.

                                                A million years later

After million years the sun will fade and people will hang a huge candle from the sky to keep the life going on the Earth. The one who will tempt to blow out it will be sent to prison at least  lifelong.


          What would happen if…

I was a giant I wouldn’t notice elephants and would step on them.

Ants were bigger than men,they would fead with human beings.

Houses were be hanging from trees people should have been trained to go home by rope.

Flowers weren’t be growing in the  soil they would learn to fly with their petals in the sky.

Ice cream were be growing in the fields in shops would besold ice cream flavoured breads.